11 Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know

To many Steve Jobs is deemed a hero and to others not so much. One thing you can be certain is that Steve Jobs was not your normal type of guy. In fact, that is probably the only reason Apple was so successful is because of his weirdness and determination to succeed at any cost. Even if that meant kicking friends and family to the curb, but we usually don’t hear that side of the story. Regardless of what he did in the past, though he was an innovator and set higher standards than anyone before. Here are 11 facts about Steve Jobs, you probably didn’t know.


1. Steve Jobs cheated to get his liver transplant faster.

Steve jobs cheats liver transplant
Image Source: Businessinsider

Steve Jobs used a loophole in the UNOS registration system to get his liver transplant before others.

2. Steve gave a secretary a brand new Jaguar when she showed up to work late. 

new jaguar
Image Source: thedrivenblog

A secretary told Steve Jobs she was late for work because her car wouldn’t start – Jobs came back the same afternoon and threw her a set of keys to a brand new Jaguar saying: “Here, don’t be late anymore.”

3. Steve was the cause of Apple’s collapse in 1997.

Steve cause market crash
Image Source: therealsingapore

Steve Jobs was the “anonymous party” that sold 1.5 million shares of Apple stock in 1997 causing Apple to hit a 12-year low in stock price. That event leads to a boardroom coup of CEO Gil Amelio and placed Steve Jobs as new CEO of Apple.

4. Apple copied Xerox’s idea for the desktop computer and then accused Bill Gate’s of stealing the idea from him.

Steve accuses Bill
Image Source: medicalsquid

Apple got the idea of a desktop interface from Xerox. Later, Steve Jobs accused Gates of stealing from Apple. Gates said, “Well, Steve, I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

5. Steve was not into giving pledges.

Jobs is not into giving
Image Source: triplepundit

Steve Jobs “eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs” at Apple when he became CEO and declined to join Bill Gates’ “Giving Pledge”

6. Steve the most ethical and honest  person people thought himself to be.

Steve develops game for Atari
Image Source: theandroidscloset

Steve Jobs was hired to build the first prototype of “Breakout” for Atari. He enlisted the help of Steve Wozniak promising to give him half of the $750 pay. The pair stayed up for days straight to finish the game and were given a bonus because of this. Jobs kept the entire bonus for himself.

7. Steve did not particularly like keeping up on personal hygiene in his younger years.

Steve doesn't like personal hygiene
Image Source: huffpost

Steve Jobs was really unhygienic: he thought that by eating only fruit the need to shower was eliminated, so he stopped showering. When he worked for Atari, his boss assigned him the night shift so that he wouldn’t need to interact with other people.

8. Steve Jobs had a sense of humor.

Steve has sense of humor
Image Source: fastcompany

When developing the Macintosh computer, Steve Jobs wanted to add a small mysterious character who would appear after about every 1000 times you used an OS UI element. He would wink at you and disappear so fast that you wouldn’t be sure he was real.

9. Steve was buried in an unmarked grave.

Steve was buried in unmarked grave
Image Source:

10. Steve did not get the best grades in High School.

Steve had bad GPA
Image Source: washingtonpost

Steve Jobs had a high school GPA of 2.65.

11. Steve Jobs considered his “LSD trips” to be significant in his life.

Steve likes LSD
Image Source: deviantart

Steve Jobs called his LSD experiences “one of the two or three most important things done in life”

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