Photos With The CReepiest Backstories Ever

Seconds after this photo was taken, Sean and Michael McQuilken were struck by lightning, but neither lost their lives.

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A picture of a member of the West German Terrorist group Red Army Faction that starved himself to death.

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This polaroid was found in the parking lot of a supermarket. The two in the picture are  believed to be Tara Calico and  Michael Henley, who were kidnapped separately and never seen again.

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Just before she was pinned down by house debris caused by a flood, Omayra Sanchez was photographed. This is the last picture of her alive.

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Travis Alexander was photographed by Jodi Arias, just moments before she murdered him.

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A class picture that includes two Columbine killers. They are seen in the top left…ironically posing for the picture.

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