This Man Was Given 18 Months To Live. Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer

Cured cancer illegally
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David Hibbitt of Staffordshire, UK, at the young age of 32 was diagnosed with cancer but refused to undergo chemotherapy. At that point, the doctors told him that he would only live maybe another 18 months max.


“I felt like the chemo was killing me and I had nothing to lose,” Hibbitt told Metro. “I could not really accept I was going to die.”

His friends told him about cannabis oil and how it had cured people of cancer in the past. At first, he was dismissive. “I’ve never been into drugs,” he said.

In 2013, he took radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery to have his large intestine removed, but it was not successful at stopping the spread of cancer. At that point he was willing to try anything so he tried cannabis oil a try.

18 months later the doctors have declared him cancer-free!

The cancer research UK says that they were unaware that people were using extracts from cannabis to self-medicate themselves and that there is “no good evidence” that supports it as a safe and effective way to treat cancer. Maybe someday the world will stop being so stubborn and do some more research around using cannabis. Obviously it has some benefits and it has helped out many people.

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