Holy Man Claims He Hasn’t Eaten In Over 75 Years And It’s Been Confirmed By Doctors!

Think about what you do on any average day of your life. You get up, shower, have breakfast, go to work, have lunch, go home, watch some TV, cook dinner for you and your family, maybe crack open a beer, fall asleep, and repeat, right? Can you even think about the last time you went without food and water? I can’t really think of any long periods that I had to do that.


That’s what makes this story about Prahlad Jani so interesting.

He did not eat for 75 years.
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Jani left home at the age of seven and went out searching for some spiritual meaning in his life. At this point is where he says that he was met and blessed by 3 Hindu goddesses. This is what Jani remembers:

“Three goddesses appeared to me and bade me follow. Ma Kali, Ma Lakshmi, and Ma Saraswati. I consented, prepared myself, and asked: ‘What about my food?’ They each put a finger on my lip and said ‘You need not be concerned about food ever again’. I was 7, and from that day I stopped eating and drinking.”

He did not eat for 75 years.
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Of course doctors thought that he was full of shit so they had 30 specialists within three weeks scientifically study him. He was under 24-hour observation in front of cameras and not once did he take food or water at any time during his stay in the hospital for 15 days.

“We believe that the sadhu Prahlad Jani’s body went through a biological transformation as a result of meditation and powerful yoga in a completely natural environment that he stays.” said neurologist Dr. Sudhir Shah.

Check out his full story:

YouTube/Al Jazeera English

What do you think? Do you think he really had some sort of spiritual experience or is he full of shit? Let us know in the comments below!

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