Hitler Faked His Death And Lived To 95 Years With His Brazilian Girlfriend. The Proof Is Here…

We all know history. It is what they teach us in schools.  However, what we don’t always know is the truth. Hitler was one of the most despicable men of the century and his tyranny was a brutal force to be reckoned with.  He was responsible for the annihilation of six million Jews.  His rise took him on the path of absolute power and he wielded that power to the bitter end.  Or did he?


According to history, Hitler died in his bunker in 1945 but according to a new book by Simone Renee Guerreiro Dias, the truth is that he might have lived a happy life to the ripe old age of 95 in Brazil. You might think that you know what really happened but how can we be sure?  Hitler was one of the most powerful men in the world who stole intellectual property by the tons in the forms of art, books, sculptures, artifacts and more.  He was not merely destroying people as much as he was hoarding their valuable contributions from our society. The only people who are capable of doing that are also capable of hiding themselves for a lifetime and essentially disappearing from our radars. Here are some of the claims in this new book.

1. Hitler May Have Escaped Germany.

History tells us that Hitler died in the bunker with his German girlfriend, Eva Braun.  However, according to this book, he escaped from Germany and made his was to Brazil.  It is there that he lived the rest of his life, unknown, in the Brazilian state of Mato Graso and there are some photographs to prove it.

He was there due to a treasure map that the Vatican gave him and he was searching for it.

Image Source
Image Source

2. He May Be Living In Brazil.

The author if this information is a journalism student, Simon Renee Guerreiro Dias who lives in Cube.  According to her, Hitler lived an obscure life with a girlfriend named Cutinga and nobody recognized him. Please know that Hitler (as we know him) was nothing more than a character that he was portraying.  The fact is, he literally invented himself in the way he walked, talked and looked.  This was his path to the top. Think it, believe it and then do it!  So, all he had to do was relieve himself of the character that he had created to become the ‘real’ Hitler again.  Someone that nobody would even give a second glance to.

3. He changed his name it Adolph Leipzig, according to this book “Hitler in Brazil – his life and death” and lived in Nossa Senhora do Livramento which is a small town only 30 miles from author Dias.

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Image Source

In addition to her claims, she plans to get DNA from one of Hitler’s relatives who is said to live in Israel. The results will be compared to that of the remains of Hitler Leipzig who Dias claims is the real Hitler that we all know from history. She says that he came here specifically to uncover buried treasure known as the Jesuit treasure that resides in a cave according to the map he received from the Vatican.

We all know that Hitler was a treasure hunter and so is it so far fetched to believe that he would ditch his life in Germany after he finished acquiring all of the treasure that he could there in order to pursue an even bigger treasure in Brazil?

4. His New Life In Brazil.

Dias was first intrigued by the idea of Hitler living in Brazil after his supposed death in Germany when she came across a photo of a man who strikes a remarkable resemblance to him and decided to investigate.

Image Source
Image Source

She began by staying in the small border town for 2 years and she has also requested the authorities to provide her access to what she considers to be his remains so that she can test the DNA.

5. Hitler Conspiracy.

Most historians will say that her book is far fetched and merely created to keep the myth of such people alive in the form of a conspiracy. It is also important to note that other people have done this before.  In the book, “Grey Wolf”, Gerrard Williams and Simon Dustan claimed that Hitler Escaped German with the girlfriend, Eva Braun, and their two daughters to Patagonia.  According to that book, he died at the age of 72.  So,these conspiracies are nothing new.

6. Did Hitler Die In The Bunker? His Bodyguard Has The Answer.

It is a fact that many Nazis escaped to South America including Adolf Eichmann and scientist, Josef Mengele.  Eichmann was subsequently captured, tried and executed in 1962 while Mengele evaded capture but died in Brazil in a swimming accident.

7. Rumors of Hitler’s escape blossomed when the results from DNA tests done on skull fragments in the bunker prove that it wasn’t Hitler’s but an old woman.

Image Source
Image Source

His bodyguard, Rochus Misch was the last to see him alive and he died in 2015 at age 96. According to him, he was behind a door when he heard a gunshot and then found Hitler slumped over his table. Therefore, we can only wonder if there is any truth to this new book until we know the facts.  Hopefully, this DNA testing on the body in Brazil will shed some new light on this topic so that we can finally know what really happened to Adolf Hitler.  Only time will tell.

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