8 Little Known Facts About Meth That Are Disturbing!

No matter where you live at now days drugs seem to be an ongoing problem that just continues to grow out of control. Among those drugs we know many by name such as Marijuana, Ecstasy, LSD, Mushrooms, Hash, Cocaine, and Meth. There are many more than that, but those are widely known by many. But today we wanted to expose some disturbing facts that we found on meth.


I personally hate the drug as I watch people waste their lives away smoking this stuff or snorting it. Sometimes they even shoot it up with a needle. But you probably already knew that. Here are 8 things you probably didn’t know. But now you know!

1. In North Korea, they offer meth like a cup of tea.

You read correctly. It is an ongoing problem in North Korea.

Meth Facts
Image Source: thedailybeast

It is offered as casually as a cup of tea in North Korea. There is little stigma attached to meth use – some take it to treat colds or boost their energy; students take it to work late. The drug also helps curb appetites in a country where food is scarce.


2. Meth is linked to¬†Parkinson’s.

Scientist were originally supposed to be seeing if Ecstasy was the cause.

Meth Facts
Image Source: beyondpesticides

A 2-year study that linked Ecstasy to Parkinsons was retracted from the journal Science after the authors realized they had accidentally used meth instead.


3. Meth was invented in Japan.

This may sound strange to you but I assure you it’s true.

Meth Facts
Image Source: tofugu

At first, it was used to curb hunger and energize Japanese citizens. Later It was given to Kamikaze pilots, soldiers and wartime factory workers. It is now controlled and distributed by the Yakuza.


4. Hitler was a meth addict.

Using it helped the Nazis work long days without stopping.

Meth Facts
Image Source: huffpost

The Nazis were using Meth under the name “Pervitin” to stay awake and focused in war. Even Hitler himself was very likely to be a tweaker.


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