15 Australia Facts That Prove It’s The Nopest Country On Earth!

Australia is a popular travel destination with endemic wildlife, ample sunny days, beautiful beaches, and warm people. For most of the world traveling to Australia is testing long journey. But it all turns worth it when you feel the gust of the signature Australian air.


Many travelers do get a feel a concern about all those free-moving animals. We imagine kangaroos hopping in front of our villa, sharks and jellyfish swimming joyously at beaches and huge spiders in the woods.

Read through to know how many our imaginations are actually true.

1. There exists a golf course in Australia with Sharks in the waters

Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland has a water-body with living sharks. They even used fact in marketing their club- “Our hazards are deadly!”

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2. The movie Crocodile Dundee which became very popular in late 80’s was inspired by the life story of an Australian man, Rod Ansell

Rod survived 56 days in crocodile infested water in Outback. Though unlike the movie, his story did not have a happy ending. Rod was an erratic man. In 1999, after the movie was released, he over sped crying foul over kidnapping his kids. He shot and wounded two of his neighbors. He later aimed his gun towards policemen, killed one and wounded another. He was later calmed down by a shower of bullets.

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3. Australia might have been the first country to test a non-government sanctioned nuclear explosion.

Outback is the vast remote interior of Australia. A cult called Aum Shinrikyo, the one behind the sarin gas attacks in Tokyo in 1995, owned half a million acre of Outback. In 1993, truck drivers and gold explorers reported enormous rumbling in ground and flashes in the sky.

Seismologists also indexed the blast to be 170 times more powerful than the largest recorded mining explosion in all of Australia or equivalent to 2,000 tons of high explosives.

It was never concluded whether it was a nuclear explosion or a meteor. Since no impact crater was discovered, the meteor crash theory was ruled out. Later, authorities found the traces of the chemical used in gas attacks. It was also found that the cult was mining uranium.

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4. Not just jellyfish, snakes and spiders, Australia harbors painful stinging plants.

A tree named Gympie Gympie is one of the most venomous plants of the world. It is reported to kill dogs, horses and even humans. Every part of the tree except roots is covered with fine hairs, which can deliver toxin just on coming in contact with the tree.

The pain progresses from slow burn to achy joints and swollen armpits. The survivors have recalled the infliction as “being burnt with acid and electrocuted at the same time.”

The survivors have stated that the pain keeps on coming back.

The plant is extremely potent. Even a dried bit of the tree can sting even decades after it has been picked.

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5. A pig gone rogue in Australia raided a campsite and got drunk after guzzling 18 beer bottles.

The pig later picked a fight with a cow and slept for long under the tree.

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