30 People Share The Cheapest Thing They Have Ever Seen Someone Do

We all have been in a financially tight spot. I am not ashamed of it.  It was when I used to think what would be the best use of this dollar that I am left with. In most of the cases, I ate something.


But being ‘cheap’ is different from being ‘financially tight’. It is almost a talent to be a smartass frugal when there is not a real need. You need audacity and flair to execute the task with ‘cheapness’.

Enjoy these 30 real evil cheap things that people pulled off.


My wife’s family saves solo cups by washing and reusing them for family gatherings, so you have to find the one with your name. Now that alone isn’t so strange, but the first time I visited her family when we started dating was thanksgiving and I guess they weren’t sure if I was worth getting my name on a fresh cup, so I was given her ex-boyfriend’s cup.



My Grandfather had a firmly held belief that any drink served in a restaurant should cost no more than 10 cents per glass.

So if the restaurant charged 1.50 for a sweet tea with free refills, he would sit there until he’d drank at least 15 glasses. Nobody else could leave until he was done.



I once moved in with two girls. We lived in an apartment all three. They had a rent arrangement where they had divided the rent by the square meters of their respective rooms and they paid their shares on the penny. Might not be that cheap, but it struck me as a bit odd. Anyway, after awhile I started noticing things. When they went shopping, they would divide the cost of two cartons of milk 60/40, as one took milk in her tea but the other one didn’t. Many little things like that, but the winner was when I noticed that there all of a sudden were two toilet paper holders in the bathroom. Turns out one of them thought the other one used more and they mutually decided they would each have their own setup. That’s when i realised I didn’t quite fit in there.



One of my friends always buys 11 bread rolls, and says it’s 10. If they catch him he can just say that he miscalculated.



Saw a guy take money from the tip jar to pay for a muffin like it was nothing. Poor cashier was in shock I guess because she didn’t say anything.
And this was from a cafeteria in an office building. Guy who did this was wearing an expensive suit



Once I was buying a coffee during an early morning commute and the total came out to $2.12 or something like that. I was short the 2 pennies, so grabbed 2 out of the 7-or-so from the “leave a penny take a penny” tray on the counter next to the tip jar. The woman behind the counter was FURIOUS that I took the 2¢, saying that I was stealing her tips. It literally says “take a penny” on the front of the tray! I refused to argue with her because it was so early and she was clearly foreign (maybe didn’t know of the custom).



My mom and I once went to the cinema with a new friend of hers – as we were leaving, the friend found $5 under one of the seats and then made us stay back in the empty cinema while she checked every row for any more fallen cash.



Going down to McDonald’s for a thingy of sugar for their coffee because they ran outta sugar.

Dad was really broke that week.



Whenever my mom goes to the grocery store she gets a couple of the plastic forks from the area where people eat their food. We’ll use those forks for weeks. I remember one time I was cleaning the dishes and realized I poor, because had only three eating utensils and two of them were plastic.



My grandma would take my brother and sister to a restaurant and instead of buying us milk she’s make us drink the tiny creamers.


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