30 Awesome And Completely Random Facts To Remind You How Great The World Can Be

The world is a weird place. Some incidences restore your faith in humanity, some other make you question logic while some others make you feel wow. We have collected 30 wacky facts from across the world which will make you experience all the three. Have fun!



Olympic rower Bobby Pearce once had to stop during a race to let a family of ducks pass by. And he still won. Hail humanity!

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A man named Chen Si has a weird hobby. He spends every weekend at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, which happens to be the world’s #1 suicide site. He saves people from jumping. Till date he has saved 144 people.


A British national spent 4 year raising 22,000 British pounds after he became paralyzed due to an unfortunate cycling accident. He needed the money to pay for a pioneering treatment that might help him walk again. But, upon learning about a boy with a disability who needed treatment and technically stood a better chance of success than him, he donated all the money to him instead.


Bob Ross, an American TV host and a painter used to receive up to 200 letters from fans per day. When he felt that regular letter-writers have gone out of touch, he would phone them, just to inquire if they were ok.

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In 1981, a doctor helped save the life of a premature baby boy weighing just 3 pounds. The boy grew up to be a firefighter-paramedic. Some thirty years later, he helped save the life of the same doctor in a road accident.


No country can beat Japan in canine love. Japan now has a retirement home for senior dogs, so they can get the adequate love and care during their last years.

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Norma was diagnosed with cancer, soon after her husband of 67 years died. Instead of falling into depression, she told her doctor, “I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road.” She took an indefinite road trip across the US with her retired son and his daughter-in-law. Their journey is documented on the Facebook page Driving Miss Norma.

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Don Karkos while fighting in WWII, was hit with shrapnel. He was immediately blinded in his right eye. 64 years later while working in a barn, a horse head butted him in the same spot. It can only be a medical miracle that his vision was suddenly restored.


Two tablespoons of honey would be enough to fuel a bee’s entire flight around the world.


In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald. It is due to a lack of a clear “r” sound in Japanese.

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