24 Steadfast Atheists Discuss Why Exactly They Don’t Believe In God

We all have questioned the existence of God in some moment… A moment when we were in extreme pain, when we incurred unfair treatment and when we lost somebody we love dearly.


Atheists in many countries and in many communities are discriminated against. They are sometimes considered ignorant or an anomaly. But what if they have a reason for their belief (or lack of belief to be correct)?

We have 24 atheists telling why they don’t believe in God. Go ponder!


#1 So much pain and sorrow

Logic. When I apply my logic and my basic understanding of the world I can only reach the conclusion that there is no god.

First of all, it makes a lot of sense to me why people would conjure up the idea of a higher power. As humans we naturally want to understand what we do not understand. Why does it rain? What is the sun? Where do we go when we die? The concept of god and religion answers all these questions. We have science to answer these questions for us now. Coincidentally, the rise in our knowledge and understanding through science over the centuries coincides with the rise in our skepticism for religion.

Then we’ve got to ask ourselves, why do we believe in the existence of god today? Basically through a series of a two-thousand years game of Chinese whispers. If you make a grand claim, such as a higher power creating and controlling the earth, as a logical person I will naturally ask for adequate proof. A book of stories is not enough.

If you could provide me with undeniable evidence that god existed, I would have to conclude that not only do I dislike god, but actually find him to be a bit sick. For the vast majority of animal species the world is nothing but pain and misery. Bigger animals eating smaller animals alive so they don’t stave to death, like why not just design the world so every animals eats fruit and plants? What’s the deal with the botfly? Why introduce an animal that can only survive by burrowing itself into the flesh of bigger animals causing them a great deal of pain and discomfort? What’s the deal with cancer and all those other debilitating diseases? So many questions for this god and his horrible creation.


– LewisCampbell90 

#2 There are a LOT of them

Because having to choose 1 out of approximately 4200 choices makes me think there’s a whole lot of going on.

Ricky Gervais summed it up best: “If you took every book and record of every religion and destroyed it, 1000 years from now, those religions would NEVER return as the same. Ever. There might be religions, but they would be different. If you took every book and text about science and destroyed it, 1000 years from now, they would ALL be back. Exactly the same with the exact same information.”


– Gromit1710 


#3 For this guy, things are pretty backwards

At some point I thought “Wait a minute, why should the default be to believe in god and the atheists have to justify their stance? It should be exactly the other way round: Default should be atheism and you have to give me a pretty darn good reason not to be one.”

Haven’t been presented with a pretty darn good reason yet.


– lagerbaer 

#4 Sitting there, waiting for something to happen

I never had a spiritual experience in church. I tried, I wanted to believe. My family took me to church growing up but something always felt hollow and fake about it. It never felt real.

I also couldn’t rationalize how my family’s religion could be the “right” one when there were so many other gods and religions. So I kind of became agnostic for a while.

But I did finally have a spiritual experience on my first LSD trip. I can’t describe it but anyone who has taken psychedelics knows what I’m talking about. THAT was real.


– Lukes_of_Hazzard 

#5 Just accept things for what they are

There is no evidence of religion be true. Religious people have told me time and time again “Well evolution is just a theory yet you accept that. Why can’t you accept religion?” I think religion makes no sense. It isn’t feasible in my mind. Theories like evolution, the big bang, etc. have evidence, but can’t be proven unless we could travel through time. Plus it’s a whole lot easier believing in nothing and just accepting things for what they are.


– theseapug 

#6 It’s all about ME

The same reason I don’t believe in Zeus, Odin, Ra, Krishna, Raiden, Quetzalcoatl, or Santa Claus.

Most religious people are 99% atheist, if they think about it. They are willing to dismiss and laugh at all the other gods in world, but somehow THEIR invisible sky friend is real.

When you apply the same lens that lets you laugh at other gods to your own god, its really hard to keep believing.

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– jsreyn 

#7 We each have our own way of seeing things

I developed a simple life philosophy just by observing the world and people around me. The philosophy is simple: Don’t be a to people, and help out when you reasonably can. Everything else I do in life stems from that philosophy. No religious subtext or divine end goal is needed.


– CakeAccomplice12

#8 People should never live in fear

I think as human beings we naturally fill in our cognitive blanks. Gods were created to explain un-explainable events. Now, however, science can fill in most of those blanks. The only mechanisms to continue belief in gods are fear, tradition, and metaphysical loneliness and insecurity.

I think of faith like an abusive relationship. The abused is afraid to leave because he or she is afraid of the consequences, fearful that no one else will love them, worried about ending a marriage and being a divorcee, afraid of being alone. They think about all the bad, but then remember that feeling when it was good. They defend their abuser. Then they finally get up the courage and leave.

They realize that all of these fears were in fact constructed by the abuser. They are not going to be alone forever. They are not worthless without their spouse. No one who’s worth looks down on them.

This has been my experience with religion and faith. Now that I am no longer fearful, because I no longer believe, I live a much more authentic and free life. I still have the same values.


– watermelonoma 

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