Here Are 11 Little Known Facts About Left-Handed People. The Last One Surprised Me!

Left handedness is an oddity. Still. It is reported that approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed. Researchers state that inclination to use a given hand for most of the tasks develops in the infant while in the womb. Early eh?


Most lefties are men. Some researchers advocate that historically lefties have been high achievers. It is maybe because their brains are used differently. Lefties are better at mathematics, language, and music. Feeling proud yet?

Now when lefties are being considered cool in many cultures, it was not so at all in medieval times. Being a lefty was satanic or abnormality. Lefties appeared clumsy because there was no equipment designed to consider ease for a left-handed person. Some societies even went on to associate left-handedness to witchcraft! The devil was picturised to be a lefty.

Mothers would encourage lefty kid to turn into a right-handed person with all their might. Hence meddling with child’s natural instinct.

Lefties have contributed significantly in shaping the world better. The lefty achiever’s list boasts from Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Curie, Albert Einstein to Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey- leaders in their respective fields.

Here are 10+ facts which you must know if you are a lefty.

1. Left-handed people are able to see underwater better than their right-handed counterparts.

It is debatable as to what might be the cause for this nature’s gift to lefties. Scientists state that it has something to do with different part of the brain being more active in lefties.

2. Osama bin Laden, Jack the Ripper, and The Boston Strangler were all left-handed.

Though sociologists have time and again stated that handedness has nothing to do with a disposition towards crime, people love to state this fact. This fact is reminiscent of medieval mentality that lefties are evil. Well if 90% of the population is right-handed, we should logically have more crime enthusiasts from righties. Sounds legit, doesn’t it?


3. The left-handed are more likely to suffer insomnia.

In lefties, the right half of the brain exerts more control over motion. In people who are right-handed, the left part is in charge of the movement. This difference might be the root cause of the likelihood of sleep troubles in lefties.

4. The longest words that can be typed using just the left hand are sweater, dresses, tesserae, and decades.

Lefties assemble and break this record please. Maybe we can use people with longer fingers or more fingers.

5. Lefties have worse asthma and allergies than right-handed people.

This problem is also likely to be caused due to the same “which part of the brain used more” as in insomnia. It absolutely doesn’t mean that lefties are weak.

6. 30 million Americans are left-handed.

So there are enough to form an army of left-handed men and women. To put in the perspective, population of Canada is approximately 37 million.

7. Lefties tend to be better at architecture.


The left part of the brain controls speech, language, writing, logic, maths, and science while the right part controls music, art, creativity, perception, emotions, and genius. Hence lefties are more likely to be creative and visual thinkers.

8. Lefties are more linguistically talented.


Many lefties have the flair with language right from the birth. Guess it is how their brain works.

9. Women over 40 are considerably more likely to have left-handed children.

There are statistics available which suggest that women over 40 have more chances to have a lefty baby. The biological reason for this is unknown.

10. Left-handed college graduates tend to become wealthier than their right-handed counterparts.

Okay, we have Bill Gates to begin with the list. When lefties have so many good qualities due to how their brain works, this should not be difficult. Wealth comes with talent.

11. 4 of 7 recent presidents are left-handed.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are all left handed. Awesome! Isn’t it?


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