16 Mind Bending Facts About The Matrix

The Matrix is one of the movies which have an unmatched legacy and a cult following. Not only the movie trilogy is a big brain f**k if you wish to understand the nuances of the concept but also it grows upon you.


The movie has inspired a range of scientific experiments and the fans are still excavating easter eggs in the complex script. While the acting caliber of Keanu Reeves is probably the most important discovery of the movie trilogy, we have discovered 16 facts about The Matrix series which we are sure you did not know. At least not all of them.

1. Are we all just pawns for sentient machines?

In the 1999 movie, the protagonist Neo earlier did not know that his consciousness was embedded in the Matrix- a virtual-reality simulation created and managed by sentient machines. He was later offered a choice that if he wanted to learn the complex nuances of the Matrix by intake of the red pill.

The physicists have been trying to offer humanity the same choice to know whether we live in our own virtual Matrix? It might sound that the physicists got the idea after the movie, but it is not the case. A handful of philosophers have been advocating that humanity might not be more than anything but a complex of artificial intelligence operating in a matrix that we call as the universe. Source

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2. A mere coincidence or a freaky glitch in the Matrix?

In the 1999 movie, one can see the photocopy of Neo’s passport which has the issue date of September 12, 1991, and expiration date September 11, 2001. Is it a mere coincidence or the scriptwriter had a creepy déjà vu for the world’s worst terror attack? Source 1 Source 2

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3. Eerie attention to detail

The movie Matrix Reloaded is the first major movie to portray the procedure of hacking accurately. Trinity runs ‘Nmap’ to hack the power grid computer. During hacking the green phosphor text on her computer distinctly shows Nmap being run eventually employing a real SSH vulnerability. The sequence is so real that it got even the author of Nmap port scan excited. Source

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4. Matrix is inspired by the work of Jean Baudrillard a French sociologist

Jean was famous for his notorious philosophies like the first Gulf war, of 1991 was rehearsed as a simulation and later enacted for the viewing public as a simulation. The 1999 movie paid due visits to his philosophy. For example, Neo used to hide his contraband software in a hollowed-out copy of one of Jean’s books (Simulacra and Simulation) and Morpheus quotes Baudrillard as “welcome to the desert of the real.”

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The sociologist was even invited to collaborate on the sequels but he was disappointed with the first movie. As he said, “the Matrix is surely the kind of film about the matrix that the matrix would have been able to produce.” Source

5. The ASCII copy of the Matrix is one of the first torrents

The ASCII copy of the movie means that the movie has been converted to a format which uses only the ASCII characters. The level of detail creators put into conversion is astonishing. Source

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6. A work of fiction or an inspiration for the work of future?

Scientists are working on a method through which new skills become practically downloadable. Imagine that you might be able to learn complex piano music sheets with little conscious effort. That would be amazing. Won’t it be?

Scientists have got some advancement in imparting Brain A a pattern of activity which can match that of Brain B, where B already has the required skills. Source

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7. Real world is not real

Some fans theorized that in the movies real world was not actually real. Instead, it was just another level of the simulation. It also meant that red pills were always there in the Matrix and everything regarding their extraction including Zion was also a simulation.  Source

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8. In the original story, humans were source of additional computing power

The movie depicts that the robots used humans as batteries. Robots would recycle the dead humans into the nutrient solution to feed the living ones. But in the original story draft, the humans were required by the robots to use the former’s brains as part of the neural network to harness additional computing power. The change in the script was done as the battery part was thought to be easier for understanding by the masses.

However, according to fans, the original concept is actually more feasible to be realized into a real simulation set up. Source 1 Source 2

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