16 Mind Bending Facts About The Matrix

9. Matrix is real-“Matrix”-based insanity defenses.

While ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ was only a week old, a woman pleaded with the court that it was ‘The Matrix’ that made her commit a murder.


An Ohio resident was found not guilty to a homicide on the grounds of insanity. She had shot her landlady several times in 2002. The woman claimed that the landlady was a part of the conspiracy to brainwash and kill her.

She even went on to give a statement to the police “They commit a lot of crimes in ‘The Matrix’. That’s where you go to sleep at night and they drug you and take you somewhere else and then they bring you back and put you in bed and when you wake up, you think that it’s a bad dream.”

Apart from this case, at least three other cases went on to trial with the same Matrix-made-me-do-it defense. Was it a movie fever? Or the reality? Source

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10. You too can dodge the bullets like Neo.

According to the scientists, the scene where Neo dodges the bullets is not entirely fictitious. The feat might be achieved if Neo had the mass equal to that of a fly. It is because time passes more slowly for the small organisms like flies.

This ‘small mass’ is the reason that the flies avoid being swatted. The rapidly moving newspaper for us is a not-so-fast killer for the fly. So, you can dodge the bullets too. All you need is to get shrunk to a size of a fly. Source


11. Scientists are working on a device which can check if humanity is in a computer simulation.

If things go on track we can have our red pill in a not-so-distant future. The whole idea is based on the premise that in the world of computers things have a limited set of values. That there can’t be infinite possibilities in a simulated world. But what if our sentinel overlords knew this already and took care of it? Source

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12. We now know that there are 177,000 tie-tying methods. Thanks to The Matrix.

Mathematician Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson decided to research about tie-tying methods after the elegantly-suited Matrix Reloaded character The Merovingian. He also created a random tie generator to detail each one of the 177,000 tie knots. Source

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13. There is a religion inspired by The Matrix.

Conveniently named as Matrixism, there exists a religion based on the concept of The Matrix. Matrixism or The Path of the One was put into momentum by an anonymous group in the summer of 2004. The designated symbol for Matrixism is the Japanese kanji symbol for “red”. The same symbol was used in the video game Enter the Matrix. The color of the symbol is a reference to the red pill- an acceptance of and ability to see truth. Source

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14. Matrix before Matrix

Carrie-Anne Moss who played the character of Trinity was also a part of a 1993 TV series Matrix. However, it is the movie which rose her to the prominence. Was it a just a coincidence or a glitch in the Matrix?

Anyway, the success of the movie trilogy resurrected the otherwise not so successful series. The TV series was rebroadcasted afterwards to encash the success of  Carrie-Anne Moss. Source 1 Source 2

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15. The character Architect was possibly a homage to Vinton Cerf.

The character ‘Architect’ was played by Helmut Bakaitis in the trilogy. The actor has an uncanny resemblance to Vinton Cerf -one of the Fathers of the Internet. Architect was a highly advanced humorless program of the sentinel world. He is the chief administrator or possibly the virtual representation of the entire Machine work frame. Source

On the left is The Architect and on right Vinton Cerf  Image Source

16. The character name Morpheus is inspired from Greek God of dreams.

Morpheus is the one who offers Neo the choice of the red pill. He is the good guy who takes the risk of helping Neo to find his true-self. In the greek mythology, the God Morpheus sends dreams through one of the gates- one of ivory and other of the horn. Source 1 Source 2

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