20 Astonishing Facts About Facebook!

Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly active users. Just to put this huge number in perspective- the world population is 7.5 billion. With more than a quarter of world population on Facebook, it is a not just a social network. It is a network of behemothic proportions. We have collated …

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7 Things About The Nintendo Switch You Need Know!

There have been rumors and speculation about Nintendo’s NX project for over a year. Now, the new console has been revealed and they are calling it Nintendo Switch. This comes right after the Japanese company announces its partnership with Apple at the Cupertino goliath’s event just one month ago. This …

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10 Technological Systems Ahead Of Their Time

Technology is often assumed to be growing in an arithmetic progression, but there were many milestones that were way ahead of their own time. 1. Minitel Minitel was a French based company that was launched in the year 1982. It was a forerunner to the modern Internet. This technology was …

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