Saturday , October 22 2016

10 Places On Earth That Will Leave You Stunned!

places on earth stunning

This world that we live in is literally filled with strange places from underwater ruins, to giant statues, haunted passages and, of course, an underwater Jesus. Not sure how He ended up there but He is there. Here are 10 strange places from around the world. 1. Underwater Jesus Looking ...

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31 Freaky People That You Wouldn’t Believe Exist!

freaky people

Okay, I have officially seen it all!  Some of these people are hard to even look at let alone the fact that they truly exist.  Some of them have survived conditions and others were simply born this way and the rest just did this to themselves.  Regardless, your attention is ...

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10 Things About The Hulk That Will Amaze You

the hulk

1. In the Avengers, Marvel couldn’t get the Hulks roar to sound just right; so they decided to supplement it with recordings of good ol Lou Ferrigno bellowing as the original Hulk. Source 2. The Incredible Hulk’s green skin color was originally a result of printing error (he was originally ...

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10 State Laws You Won’t Believe Exist!

state laws

We all know that there are definitely some strange laws out there and depending on where you live you might have run across a few of them. These 10 outrageous laws from different U.S. states will make you think twice about who you vote into legislation next time. Here are ...

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10 Things About Deadpool You Didn’t Know


If you haven’t watched Deadpool the movie then get your butt down to the nearest RedBox and rent it for God’s sake! No, but you really need to watch this hilarious action pack Marvel movie that will have you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Here are ...

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15 Things About Fast Food That Will Fascinate You!

fast food facts

1. McDonald’s burgers won’t spoil. McDonald’s hamburgers don’t really rot. The burgers have very low moisture content, which basically leaves the meat dehydrated. It’s more like jerky than a burger. That’s a fast food fact that will make you kinda sick. 2. Sweet Tea from McDonald’s has way too much sugar. ...

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12 Amazing Homes In The Weirdest Places Ever

weird houses feature

Everybodys ‘s dream in life is to one day own their very own home and if you love design you probably want something custom made or redone to your taste. While I am one of those people I would love to take up residence in one of these amazing homes. ...

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10 of the World’s Most Mind-Blowing Elevators


These days, we take elevators for granted.  However, once you see these elevators, you might be in awe of them once again.  They are from all over the world and they take you to some amazing places. Take a look at these incredible elevators: 1. Hammetschwant Elevator – Ennetburgen, Switzerland. This ...

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5 Strange Places That Are Blacked Out By Google Maps

Blacked Out Mapsfeature

I think that everyone at some time has used Google Maps to find a place they have never been to or -even for step-by-step directions to get somewhere. But there are some secrets that even the experts can’t explain. Some of which are blurred out or blacked out areas in ...

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14 Pokemon That Were Based On Real Life Animals


Pokemon has won the hearts of kids from all over the Earth. From the playing cards to the cartoons and movies Pokemon has really gained a lot of traction over the last decade. But did you know that some of them are actually based on real-life animals? Yes, that’s right! ...

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